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Keeping it real in a complex world


Every individual is unique

We employ scientific methods to explore human behaviour – how people act, think and feel, and why they do so. 

Qualitative and Quantitative


Big data, predictive modelling, regression models, analytics.....
Everyone talks about it, not many people truly know how to do it. What psychologists add to data analysis is the ability to link the findings back to human behavior.


Together we are MAD

 In 2011 we combined our wealth of experience in the fields of psychology, research, statistics and business and went completely MAD.  Our mantra is based on assisting others to keep it simple and  real in the increasing complexity of the modern world.  We use an evidence based approach and provide a relevant, personalised "hands on" service. MAD have worked with a diverse range of individuals and organisations from children to elite athletes, from start-ups to multi-nationals. We like quirky, are always up for a challenge and we love what we do. We invite you to go MAD.    



Workshops, keynotes, facilitation


Social Media and The Face

Guest Speaker Melbourne Craniofacial Royal Children’s Hospital Meeting, 2017

The Influence of Social Media on Patient Outcome Expectations 

Guest Speaker, European Plastic Surgeons Meeting, 2018, Australia

Psychosocial Screening Before Surgery
Guest Speaker Australian and New Zealand Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons ANZAOMS 2017 Conference

Improving patient care by incorporating psychosocial evaluation to aesthetic surgery pre-operative assessment process.

IMCAS World Congress, Singapore 2018

Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Guest Speaker Melbourne Craniofacial Royal Children’s Hospital Meeting, 2017

BDD – Identification and Changes

Guest Speaker Australian and New Zealand Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons ANZAOMS 2017 Conference

Workplace Health & Wellbeing

Work Ability

Speaker, International Congress for Occupational Health and Work Organisation and Psychosocial Factors (Australia) 2017

Unrealistic Optimism

Why we are all familiar (in some cases too familiar) with the phenomenon of tasks taking longer to complete than we initially think that they will

Workshop Attorney Generals Department, South Australia, 2016

Adapting to Change – Coping Strategies
Presenter, Psychology and Health Conference, Beijing China 2017

Healthy Lifestyles

Presenter & Workshop Facilitator, Royal Australian Airforce, 2017

Resilience in the Workplace

Presenter & Workshop Facilitator, Santos, 2017

Mental Health in The Workplace
Presenter & Workshop Facilitator, General Motors Holden, 2017

Change and Uncertainty
Speaker, Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific, Leadership Meeting 2017

Managing Stress through Health Behaviours
Presenter & Workshop Facilitator, Jacobs Engineering, Adelaide 2017

Hand Trauma

Recovering from acute traumatic occupational hand injury, A bio-psychosocial perspective

Speaker, International Congress of the ICOH Scientific Committee on Work Organization and Psychosocial Factors, 2016 

The psychological impact of acute occupational hand trauma

Speaker, International Conference on Industrial and Organizational Psychology in New Delhi, India, 2016


Sex Education: How one school created a relevant and positive program and the unexpected result it is having on the entire school community.

Presenter, AHISA’s 2018 Leading, Learning & Caring Conference.

Measuring and developing 

Self Awareness and Creativity 

Presenter, 11th International Conference on Excellence and Innovation in Education: The Creativity-Innovation Challenge. Paris-France, 2016

Strategies to assist students who have given up on school, not motivated to work or who have unrealistic career expectations.

Presenter, Careers Advisers Association of NSW & ACT Inc., Annual Conference Sydney, 2017

What does the scientific evidence suggest about individual differences in personality and their impact upon teaching and learning styles?

Presenter, 11th International Conference on Excellence and Innovation in Education: The Creativity-Innovation Challenge. Paris-France, 2016

Social Media and Study Habits 

Presented, Pulteney Grammar School, Adelaide, 2017

Creativity & Innovation

Measuring and developing self-awareness.

Self Awareness and Creativity 

Speaker, 11th International Conference on Excellence and Innovation in Education: The Creativity-Innovation Challenge. Paris-France.  2017

Self-awareness: Creating space for innovation 

Guest Presenter, Navitas Professional Institute Conference: Innovation and Engagement for Learning, Health and Wellbeing. Melbourne, 2018


What is the relationship between personality, self-awareness & leadership performance?

Speaker, Australian Conference of Personality and Individual Differences. Sydney 2017


It is true, size does not matter

MAD have assisted small business to large multi-nationals. Importantly, MAD is not about quick fixes and band-aids. We firmly and unreservedly base our practice on science. As psychologists, we employ scientific methods to explore your organisation. We determine how people think, act and feel and why they do so. We then combine our psychological expertise with data science, devising strategies to develop, change and inspire.



Assessment, Leadership, Learning, Development, Performance, Retention, Coaching, Mentoring, Career Development, Measurement, Change, Resilience, Climate, Culture, Behaviours, Safety, Assistance, Wellbeing, Work-life Balance, Engagement.


Every individual and organisation is unique.
Our approach is specifically tailored to meet these needs.


To ensure our practical skill base is always at the highest level, we perform  "hands on"  work, in addition to research and consulting.


Dr Michelle Roesler has provided extensive individual psychological support to students aged between 5 - 18 within a private school setting in Adelaide. She also created wellbeing programs to be applied on a group basis.  


Dr Despina Sfakinos has taught undergraduate and postgraduate students in a variety of disciplines (e.g. Personality at the University of Sydney in the School of Psychology; Critical Thinking in Business and Business Strategy in the Business School at the University of Sydney). She is currently a Lecturer and Course Convenor for the Bachelor of Counselling (Coaching) at ACAP, Sydney campus. Dr Roesler has convened and lectured in the topic of Personality and Individual Differences at Griffith University, Gold Coast and Australia.



Dr Roesler currently leads a national team of mental health experts for the Hemisphere Management Group - a national and international leader in entertainment health management and risk mitigation.


We conduct private sessions in Adelaide, Sydney and the Gold Coast. We have extensive experience consulting with individuals. In addition, Dr Roesler is one of Australia’s most experienced Psychological assessors, having completed over 5000 individual assessments. Dr Sfakinos is a highly regarded Coach, specialising in the area of self awareness.



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