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Dr Michelle Roesler is passionate about health and well-being, and she assists others to embrace their individual differences and to better understand one another .   She also loves working with "data". Dr Michelle Roesler has an extensive academic background that includes a First Class Honours, Practicum Doctorate and Research PhD in Psychology. She also has a Bachelor of Business (Tourism) and studied Law, Labour Studies, Gender Studies & Industrial Relations (Masters Level). Dr Michelle Roesler is an accomplished statistician with a key strength being predictive modeling and analytics. This is particularly useful in the area of analysis. She has developed Courses and lectures in Personality & Individual Differences and Organisational Psychology at Griffith University and mentors new Psychologists. She has a wealth of practical working experience with a diverse group of companies and within Australia and Asia. These companies include  The Body Shop, The Smiths Snackfood Company (Frito-Lay), Telstra, Australia Post and Chandler & McLeod. Dr Michelle Roesler also has extensive individual assessment expertise, having conducted over 3000 individual asssessments. 

Dr Despina Sfakinos is a psychologist, academic and private consultant. She has many years experience working in both the public and private sectors in a range of roles including consultant, market researcher, coach and leader. This has been undertaken both nationally and internationally, having worked in Europe, London and most recently, Tokyo. Her key strengths are her multi-lingual skills and her cross-cultural knowledge and awareness. Her application of this to the business world has included coaching Asian based executives from companies such as Microsoft to assist in potential cultural barriers to performance. Her skills in psychometrics are also outstanding. Dr Despina Sfaknos is also one of a handful of people in Australia who not only develop valid measures, but also can psychometrically validate any measure that exists within the market place. She is also a keen researcher and her PhD research was undertaken within the renowned Coaching Psychology Unit at the University of Sydney in the areas of leadership, self-awareness, employee well-being and workplace performance.

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